About me

My entire professional career has been about developing digital tax solutions that can make indirect processes and tax knowledge management more efficient. In the last years, my focus was primarily on global indirect tax compliance (SAF-T, real-time reporting, e-invoicing) and e-commerce.

My great passion is tax knowledge sharing – through blogs, articles webinars and conference presentations. I am the author of the first book ever published on blockchain, cryptoassets and taxation, a regular contributor to various journals and frequent speaker about tax technology topics at conferences.

I strongly believe that the future of indirect taxation lies in technology solutions. Technology has always been one of my areas of interest. I am a self-taught programmer (e.g. HTML, Python, CSS, Java Script, C++, VBA) and I love every aspect of web development. I like building things for fun and the added value of this is that with every project that I work on I improve my coding skills.

No education is going to give anyone the skills they need for an entire career – you need a lifetime of curiosity and a dedication to a lifetime of learning because the tools and technology are always going to be changing. Despite already having a number of degrees, I am currently studying a bachelor degree in Computer Science at the University of London to improve my overall understanding of system architecture and programming languages underpinning tax technology solutions.

Aleksandra Bal

Alekandra Bal
Aleksandra Bal is a tax and technology specialists. She holds a PhD in International Taxation (Leiden University), Executive MBA (Rotterdam School of Management), LLM International Tax Law (Maastricht University), MSc Tax Management (Maastricht University) as well as other degrees. She has published over 65 articles in tax journals and is a frequent speaker at tax events. In 2018, she published “Taxation, virtual currency and blockchain” - the first book ever published that examines this topic from a comparative perspective. Aleksandra has worked for companies in the software and information services industry, leading the development of digital solutions and software for tax professionals.