Welcome to Tax&Technology Expert! As I have always been interested in both taxation and technology, I have created a website where you can find all kinds of resources about both topics. I have been writing about tax for over a decade – my publications range from social media posts to journal articles and books. As I am also a self-taught programmer and web developer, creating a website to share tax & technology knowledge seemed to be a natural development. As the old adage says, “knowledge shared is knowledge squared”.


This section features a collection of articles on various tax topics - it covers recent trends and developments but also topics that have always been relevant for tax professionals.


You will find here articles on all kinds of technology topics - data visualization, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data management, technical skills and more.


"A picture is worth a thousand words" - sometimes visualizing data is the best way of communicating it. This section features data visualization projects that I created using Tableau, Java Script and other techniques.